About Aesthetics from Japan

I would think of myself as a forever-student with intense hunger for knowledge

Aesthetics from Japan is a project meant to spread content about the Japanese heritage, with a special focus on its arts and, of course, its aesthetics. On this page, you will discover entertaining news and info concerning history, painting, fashion, design, architecture and, in short, anything that makes you say “WOW, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!” about Japan. The aim is to offer broader access to the Japanese culture, especially highlighting innovative, unexplored themes.


My name is Carla R, I am from Italy, and I am an independent scholar mainly involved in the Japanese studies field. The most used word to describe my work is “Japanologist”, but, in truth, I would rather think of myself as a forever-student fueled by intense hunger for KNOWLEDGE and a deep PASSION for art, Japan, and art made in Japan.

The idea of creating this page took shape during my academic years, even though at that time I had not quite realised it. While studying, I had the chance to discover many different subjects related to Japan that undoubtedly helped me to become more aware of how dynamic and multi-layered its heritage was. In my mind started to bloom the belief that such compelling content should be available not only for students and professors but also for anybody keen to learn more about Japan and its heritage. Most of the time, in fact, info about Japan is limited to overly mainstream topics that can offer only a partial view of this wondrous culture. Even my classmates and I would struggle a good deal before finding proper material for our work. Therefore, once I had completed my studies, I decided to take action and make content about Japan more accessible.

“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive” 

− Mahatma Gandhi

Here on my page you will find different kinds of info, spacing from long and short ARTICLES to videos, from INTERVIEWS to emerging artists to REVIEWS of museum collections. We will explore together the intricate fluidity of the JAPANESE HERITAGE through this aesthetic journey that, I hope, you will be as eager as I am to take.